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A man in a vault has removed the slab covering an embalmed body and reads into a large book with a triumphant look on his face. The drawing is very dark and eerie.

A visual representation of the parts of the brain and how they are corrupted when guilt and evil is introduced.

In the image, the devil can be seen encouraging the women in the picture to continue being whores as one can be seen happily counting money. The image is the cover image of a book with the title literally translating to "The open-mouthed miss." But…

Based on the writings of Revelations Blake creates a horned demon who is shown here being drawn up to earth.

Revenge, described in the first person as a physical being, is coming to ease the character's troubled mind. Revenge is an evil force that initially may be welcomed by the mind of a person who experienced betrayal or other wrongdoing, but the…

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