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In this excerpt, Smith attempts to convey what it means to be sympathetic or empathetic with someone in simple words. He claims that witnessing "pain or sorrow" induces equivalent feelings, or the closest representation possible, in the witness.

A portrait of the Duke of Osuna, his wife, and their four children. The Duke and Duchess of Osuna were some of Goya's first protectors. Each person is portrayed very intimately and it shows the personality within the family. Family portraits were…

The close up image shows the artists eyes wide open that devours the viewer. This painting makes Gustave leap out of the canvas. His face has a lot of despair, but it's unclear why this emotion is portrayed. This portrait is also landscape while most…

In this excerpt, William Godwin claims that "benevolent feeling" comes from the heart and guides behavior and decisions. This hypothesis differs from that of Locke, who would say that our decisions are guided by our experiences and the reflection…
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