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These are dressing gowns produced by Japan for their western (European and American) consumers.

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This is a chalk drawing of a women in the 1700s. The source states that the woman is not elegant or confident based on the position she is in.

The mother looks to be from the upper class with beads the drape her hair to the blue fancy dress. Her daughter shares the same frilly attire and is handing her a rose.

An older woman who appears to be a Quaker is painted with black and white clothing.

English aristocrat, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, is dressed in Turkish costume in this portrait. circa 1717

italian paiting 1744.png
The oil canvas painting shows a party of the elite where the ladies and men are dressed in extravagant clothing. They all are focused on the cooking pot game, where one hits the pot blindfolded.
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