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David Myles is hanged for incest with his sister and this letter holds his final words. The text goes on to say how he repents for his sins and wishes he did not do it. He prays for mercy from God even though he is not an exemplarily Christian. In…

"It is difficult to fight with one's heart's desire. Whatever it wishes to get, it purchases at the cost of soul."

— Heraklitus (fl. 504-1 BCE)


This is an oil on canvas painting dated from 1804/1805. It's painted by Joseph Allen and the woman posing is Diana Wynne.

Created by Stefano della Bella, this work of art was created in 1648 as part of 'The five deaths.' It was done by etching, which is a style in which one carves a copper plate and then uses ink to print their design.

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A neoclassical painting of a man writing a letter as he was murdered and left for dead.

A stranded vessel being saved by lifeboats on a half very stormy and a half very nice day.

This is an early 17th century painting symbolizing life and death, also known as vanitas. The painting contains Spanish coins, a skull, flowers, and a Dutch medal.

Dating back to 1674, women are always accused of fewer and different crimes than men. During these times, men could only be charged for certain crimes such as rape but courts overlooked a lot of cases involving women.

During the 18th century people would get the death penalty for stealing small items. In order to prevent blood baths, sentences could be pushed back or the charge could be made as a less serious offence.


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