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This is a website article depicting the life and death of Laurence Sterne and the importance he brought to culture during his time. Along with titling the article after the joke in A Sentimental Journey, the article depicts an art piece that depicts…

Small methodist momento-mori. Made with glass, wood, wire, metal, and human hair using gimp work. Popular in the mid 1800s for mourning, family trees, or friendship keepsakes. This one features flowers and an inscription all under a dome

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This lady is dressed in Regency clothing typical of the first half of the 1800s. She is skilfully created out of wax. She is half woman, half skeleton. The statue may have been made for one of three reasons: a darkly comic novelty, a ‘memento mori’…

According to the Wellcome Collection, "The Oxford English dictionary defines 'pitch-plaster' as 'A dressing containing pitch, used as a depilatory. Also: a dressing containing Burgundy pitch, used in the treatment of chest and rheumatic disorders'…

"It is difficult to fight with one's heart's desire. Whatever it wishes to get, it purchases at the cost of soul."

— Heraklitus (fl. 504-1 BCE)


"Deadly Lively" was drawn and etched by the British satirical artist, Thomas Rowlandson and bears a strong resemblance to his series of small aquatints, "The English Dance of Death", which he was also at work on at this time. Here, however, 'death'…

Created by Stefano della Bella, this work of art was created in 1648 as part of 'The five deaths.' It was done by etching, which is a style in which one carves a copper plate and then uses ink to print their design.

During the 18th century people would get the death penalty for stealing small items. In order to prevent blood baths, sentences could be pushed back or the charge could be made as a less serious offence.


Dating back to 1674, women are always accused of fewer and different crimes than men. During these times, men could only be charged for certain crimes such as rape but courts overlooked a lot of cases involving women.
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