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Scene from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". The supernatural influence and the horror of the scene shows the Gothic influence on Coleridge's work.

This is a website article depicting the life and death of Laurence Sterne and the importance he brought to culture during his time. Along with titling the article after the joke in A Sentimental Journey, the article depicts an art piece that depicts…

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Marat was writing while in his bathtub. Outfitted with a wooden board, his tub also served as a makeshift desk, as the discomfort of a chronic skin condition often confined him to the bath. As he was working, his wife informed him that he had a…

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The Lament for Icarus is a painting that shows dead Icarus surrounded by lamenting nymphs. The Icarus is lying on big bird feathers that were made out of wax by his father so Icarus can escape from Crete.

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The writing at the bottom of the image is "Drunk and Alive, the man was thine, But dead and drunk, why, - he is mine." The image shows shows a skeleton wheeling a drunk man away on a wheelbarrow.

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According to the Wellcome Collection, "The Oxford English dictionary defines 'pitch-plaster' as 'A dressing containing pitch, used as a depilatory. Also: a dressing containing Burgundy pitch, used in the treatment of chest and rheumatic disorders'…

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This painting is also known as "Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!". According to the Wellcome Collection, "John Bull lies on a bed, resting his head on a tick-covered bolster. The Duke of Wellington tries with his left hand to asphyxiate him…

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