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Image depicting the tension of British resident during a crime wave during the Summer

william hogarth  the four stages of cruelty_ the reward of cruelty 1 february 1751.jpg
The subject, Nero, has been hanged for his crimes. His body has been donated to anatomists for public dissections. A crowd gathers as surgeons take him apart. The dominating figure above oversees the spectacle, his role as chief surgeon or high judge…

west port murders.jpg
This is the title page of the bookWest Port Murderswhich is said to be an true account of the Burke and Hare Murders, spefcifically the trial and execution of Burke. The site also has the remainer of the book for public view.

The painting paints a scene from the famous opera at the time: The Beggar's Opera. In this scene, on trial for a robbery, Captain Macheath stands imprisoned in shackles with his two lovers sprawled on the floor pleading for his life. The two lovers…

In a packed court room, a thief stands on trial and his sister can be weeping. Under the image is lettering that reads "The drunkard's children. plate V. from the bar of the gin-shop to the bar of the old bailey it is but one step"

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murderer painting.jpg
Black and white painting of a man standing over dismembered body and putting it into a fire.

According to the Wellcome Collection, "The Oxford English dictionary defines 'pitch-plaster' as 'A dressing containing pitch, used as a depilatory. Also: a dressing containing Burgundy pitch, used in the treatment of chest and rheumatic disorders'…

A depiction of a group of people being a nuisance in the late 1700s/early 1800s, making lots of noise and disturbing the peace.

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Burke the Murderer!! Drawn from life in the Lock-up-House on the day before his execution by his own consent.png
William Burke is depicted in his prison cell shacked to the floor by heavy iron chains . He is wearing a frock coat, cravat and trousers. He is standing with his hands clasped. The printed title is Burke, the Murderer!!, below this in italics 'Drawn…

This is an article that describes the relation between gender and crime in the 18th Century.
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