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Death Mask of William Burke.jpg
A plaster mold of the head of William Burke after his public execution in 1829 for the "anatomy murders." Burke was named by his accomplices as the head of the body-snatching, black-market trade that supplied the Edinburgh's medical school with…

The painting paints a scene from the famous opera at the time: The Beggar's Opera. In this scene, on trial for a robbery, Captain Macheath stands imprisoned in shackles with his two lovers sprawled on the floor pleading for his life. The two lovers…

The Proceedings of the King's Comission.PNG
Information on when and where the King's Commission of Peace will be taking place. With information on who will be present and who will act as jurors to hear and judge criminal cases.

Omeka 234.html
Includes the trial, an illustrative preface, portraits of Burke and the interior of his house.

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