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Recorded "voluntary" confession of Grace Marks faimed Canadian Murderess and Trial Record

In this handwritten note, William Burke confesses to his murders.

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Definition of soteriology
: theology dealing with salvation especially as effected by Jesus Christ

The title page of a manuscript detailing how to repent in compliance with god. Written for those suffering from a heavy heart

Painting of a confessional in a catholic church. Main subject however is a wealth woman waiting to take confessional, the woman is dressed in bright pink while the other people in the painting are dressed more drably, drawing the viewers eyes to the…

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David Myles is hanged for incest with his sister and this letter holds his final words. The text goes on to say how he repents for his sins and wishes he did not do it. He prays for mercy from God even though he is not an exemplarily Christian. In…
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