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This is a set of nine playing cards from the eighteenth century that have a twisted context. The cards each depict a range of catergories including: fourtune, death, marriage, gentleman, crimes, honour, graden, industry, and time.

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In the essay, the author carefully introduced and examined the English law that put wives subordinate to their husband and even the society at large. She gave various examples of court cases that treated wives unfairly, and went on to unravel wives'…

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This lady is dressed in Regency clothing typical of the first half of the 1800s. She is skilfully created out of wax. She is half woman, half skeleton. The statue may have been made for one of three reasons: a darkly comic novelty, a ‘memento mori’…

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A woman sits at a piano in an elegant pink dress.

Painting was made to show that often the King's mistresses are some of the most powerful people.

An excerpt from "The Wealth of Nations" by Smith which describes how higher and lower class citizens change their moral behavior when surrounded by a busy society. Smith also explains how lower-class citizens may be pressured differently upon joining…
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