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This painting was made to serve as a basis for an engraving. Relying to some extent on romanticized French images of peasants, Inman focuses on the innocence of childhood as the healthy boy plucks an insect for bait. The youth and promise of the boy…

This is a painting of Pepito, a little Spanish boy who was the son of Rafael Costa de Quintana, the doctor to King Ferdinand VII.

A big part of a woman's life in the 18th century was getting pregnant and having a baby. This article shows the experience of Sarah Stow, a mother in the 1700s.

This painting depicts two women accompanied by three children. The painting as a whole represents the virtue and morality that the children learn from a figure of respect and high standards, their mother. The mother is a true representation of the…


Painted in 1770, Johann Zoffany created this painting for the Lavie family. It represents the seven siblings. It also has details in it like a seesaw and a dog, which give life to the painting.

Created by Stefano della Bella, this work of art was created in 1648 as part of 'The five deaths.' It was done by etching, which is a style in which one carves a copper plate and then uses ink to print their design.

This is an image of murder Thomas Hunter killing children. He was executed for his crimes in 1700. This image comes from the Newgate Calendar, a magazine that released stories about murders.
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