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Death Mask of William Burke.jpg
A plaster mold of the head of William Burke after his public execution in 1829 for the "anatomy murders." Burke was named by his accomplices as the head of the body-snatching, black-market trade that supplied the Edinburgh's medical school with…

Three women and two men, of various ages, utilizing theor sense of sight. We see two viewing a map, one looking in a mirror, and one looking out of the frame. Furthermore we see the tools of vision a magnifying glass and telescope.

one woman.jpg
This cabinet shows the faces of five women that represent the senses. As shown in the close-up picture of the cabinet, a variety of stitches are used such as, metal thread, colored silks, and other materials.

This is a sketch from the late 1700s illustarating a soilder with prostitutes. This image depicts what people thought of prostitues/sex workers at the time.

This is an oil on canvas painting dated from 1804/1805. It's painted by Joseph Allen and the woman posing is Diana Wynne.

Created by Stefano della Bella, this work of art was created in 1648 as part of 'The five deaths.' It was done by etching, which is a style in which one carves a copper plate and then uses ink to print their design.

Louis Philippe Boitard, The Covent Garden Morning Frolick.png
This image shows a representation of Molly-house and the homo-sexual culture in London. Even in the 18th century, sexuality was openly painted and in this case, a private space where individuals can gather for a common purpose: seeking pleasure with…

This Candle stick depicts Venus the goddess of love and cupid, resting by flowers as a swan a creature of beauty is nursed by the goddess

merchant picture .jpeg
This is a sketch depicting a rich merchant in an art gallery in the eighteenth centry. The sketch also has a caption attached with a Shakespeare quote.

Defoe portrait.jpg
This is a line engraving of Daniel Defoe, author of Roxana and other famous novels.
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