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The Shipwreck.jpg
The Shipwreck, by Joseph Vernet who was one of the most famous Romantic and landscape painters of his day, contrasts a moonlit backdrop to the crazed struggle for survival as sailors single-handedly attempt to ride the stormy seas to safety.

A painting by William Powell Frith of the interaction between Yorick and the gloveseller in Paris.


An oil painting depicting Maria from "A Sentimental Journey"

A 1766 portrait of David Hume, currently housed in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Sapho poster.jpg
This poster is an advertisement for the opera Sapho that premiered in 1897. This French opera premiered at the same theater that Yorick saw his opera in, the Theatre de l'Opera-Comique.

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This resource is a painting with both a bird of paradise and person's head

A painting of a scene from A Sentimental Journey with Yorick and the grisset

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-25 23.17.32.png
The caricature is a depiction of a scene from Tristram Shandy where Dr. Slop with his wig on fire angrily gesticulating to Susannah who holds her nose near the wounded baby Tristram Shandy.

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-24 21.20.43.png
This watercolor is a depiction of a man from the 18th century taking a snuff. It is related to the snuffbox exchange scene from A Sentimental Journey.

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-24 21.08.49.png
The gentleman's club depicted is possibly The Army and Navy. The man with the wooden leg to the right of the picture reads the true Briton.
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