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This was a knife crafted by a mental patient from the 1800s and the object was made precisely and whoever the patient was, they took their time on this artifact. The knife was believed made for an escape or the possibility of killing a nurse.

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This watercolor is a depiction of a man from the 18th century taking a snuff. It is related to the snuffbox exchange scene from A Sentimental Journey.

A portrait of Samuel Richardson, author of Pamela And Clarissa done in 1747

A Storm on the Mediterranean.png
A companion piece to A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast shows a dark storm that has just ravaged a large ship drifting further inland as anxious survivors begin to reach the shore.Those familiar with Joseph Vernet will…

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The caricature is a depiction of a scene from Tristram Shandy where Dr. Slop with his wig on fire angrily gesticulating to Susannah who holds her nose near the wounded baby Tristram Shandy.

Seemingly a painting of a specific spot on the Venetian lagoon, this picture is actually a fanciful confection composed of elements that Canaletto sketched during several walking tours near Venice. The painter has combined the lagoon with buildings…

full skeleton .png
This is a skech of a full body skeleton that is labeled in order to distinguish different areas of the body. This diagram would have been used to educate future anatomists.

one woman.jpg
This cabinet shows the faces of five women that represent the senses. As shown in the close-up picture of the cabinet, a variety of stitches are used such as, metal thread, colored silks, and other materials.

An etching of various characters turning into characters. Henry Fielding was a sitter for this illustration. Caricatures just like Shamelaare a parody of source material.

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