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Grown ladies taught to dance.jpg
This is a painting from British School 18th Century. It depicts a scene where ladies learn to dance. Fancy and over-the-top hairstyles and fashion can be seen here.

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-24 21.20.43.png
This watercolor is a depiction of a man from the 18th century taking a snuff. It is related to the snuffbox exchange scene from A Sentimental Journey.

Engraving of Maria and her lover from A Sentimental Journey before he left her; printed on chine collé.

Seemingly a painting of a specific spot on the Venetian lagoon, this picture is actually a fanciful confection composed of elements that Canaletto sketched during several walking tours near Venice. The painter has combined the lagoon with buildings…

A portrait of Catherine Hyde being her eccentric self and wearing her favorite apron

A painting of Dorothy Townshend (nee Walpole) sister of England first de facto prime minister Robert Walpole and step-grandmother to Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who degreed the infamous Townshend Acts on the American Colonies.

This is a painting of 6 views of the Parc Monceau in Paris

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The Shipwreck.jpg
The Shipwreck, by Joseph Vernet who was one of the most famous Romantic and landscape painters of his day, contrasts a moonlit backdrop to the crazed struggle for survival as sailors single-handedly attempt to ride the stormy seas to safety.

Calm in the Meditereanean.jpg
A companion piece to A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, this painting depicts the literal calm after the storm. In the distance, a large cumulus cloud, a possible stormy reminder of what has passed, loafs blissfully in the warm reds and yellows of the…
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