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This is an embroidered image made by Mary Wright, who was sent to school to learn how to embroider along with reading and writing

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full skeleton .png
This is a skech of a full body skeleton that is labeled in order to distinguish different areas of the body. This diagram would have been used to educate future anatomists.

small skeleton .png
This is a sketch of a fetus skeleton in the 17th century. The sketch would have been done at the time of the autopsy in order to act as education for other anaomists.

This is a painting of 6 views of the Parc Monceau in Paris

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Engraving of Maria and her lover from A Sentimental Journey before he left her; printed on chine collé.

playing cards.jpeg
This is a set of nine playing cards from the eighteenth century that have a twisted context. The cards each depict a range of catergories including: fourtune, death, marriage, gentleman, crimes, honour, graden, industry, and time.

eng 3.jfif
This painting was made to serve as a basis for an engraving. Relying to some extent on romanticized French images of peasants, Inman focuses on the innocence of childhood as the healthy boy plucks an insect for bait. The youth and promise of the boy…

This is an image of multiple heads drawn in different styles. These drawings were used for studies and references for future pieces

A Storm on the Mediterranean.png
A companion piece to A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast shows a dark storm that has just ravaged a large ship drifting further inland as anxious survivors begin to reach the shore.Those familiar with Joseph Vernet will…

Calm in the Meditereanean.jpg
A companion piece to A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, this painting depicts the literal calm after the storm. In the distance, a large cumulus cloud, a possible stormy reminder of what has passed, loafs blissfully in the warm reds and yellows of the…
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