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Act 1 scene 4 king Richard III, Burke and Hare debating murder, No 5 of second series, Noxiana series of satires

This article is about the "murder" dolls that were discovered ten years after Burke and Hare's murders happened. Given that there are 17 of them, it is believed that the dolls might represent the 17 bodies.

john brogan skull.PNG
Skull of John Brogan who was an accomplice of Burke and Hare.

The map shows the city layout of Edinburgh and emphasizes the difference between Old Town and New Town. "The medieval pattern of narrow closes and wynds on the Old Town contrasts with the broad, elegant squares and circuses of the classically…

In the 19th century, students at American medical schools stole the corpses of recently-buried African Americans to be used for dissection.
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