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In this handwritten note, William Burke confesses to his murders.

Part 1 Cushing.jpg
From Yale library of medicine, this drawing depicts the approach to the trigeminal ganglion for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia – bony removal

Part 2 Cushing.jpg
From the Yale Library of Medicine, this drawing depicts a traumatic brain injury operation on cerebral cortex

Gall, Eustache and Chauffron.jpg
Phrenological chart of Gall, Eustache, and Chauffron. Gall was a German anatomist and physiologist who created phrenology. According to the Wellcome Library, Eustache was a "a slave from the Dominican republic who came to be awarded a 'prize for…

Three heads phrenological traits.jpg
The image shows three examples of phrenologic traits associated with insanity. On the left is a mentally defective person, and in the middle is a mad woman. The final sketching is of French murderer P.F. Lacenaire.

Picture of the inside of a dissecting room depicting the chaos of multiple people crammed into one room conducting multiple dissections

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default (1).jpg
Detailed engraving showing the anatomy of the abdomen, showing the kidneys, the intestines


Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, the principle docter on the right, is painted to be explaining the anatomy of the hand. The musculature of the arm is illustrated by medical students are all gathered around the cadaver, with full focus on the professor.
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