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Mary Toft.jpg
Mary Toft and her husband Joshua tricks the doctors that Mary had given birth to rabbits. Hogarth created this etching as a satire on the religious fanaticism around the scandal.

william hogarth  the four stages of cruelty_ the reward of cruelty 1 february 1751.jpg
The subject, Nero, has been hanged for his crimes. His body has been donated to anatomists for public dissections. A crowd gathers as surgeons take him apart. The dominating figure above oversees the spectacle, his role as chief surgeon or high judge…

In this handwritten note, William Burke confesses to his murders.

Head and Brain Model.jpg
An 18th-century wax model of the human head cut axially to reveal the internal structure of the brain. This model is part of a collection of wax models at the Javier Puerta Museum of Anatomy, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University…

Death Mask of William Burke.jpg
A plaster mold of the head of William Burke after his public execution in 1829 for the "anatomy murders." Burke was named by his accomplices as the head of the body-snatching, black-market trade that supplied the Edinburgh's medical school with…

Anatomical study of a man standing with Nepalese and Sanskrit texts showing the Ayurvedic understanding of the human anatomy.


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