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small skeleton .png
This is a sketch of a fetus skeleton in the 17th century. The sketch would have been done at the time of the autopsy in order to act as education for other anaomists.

Daft Jamie.jpg
This is a portrait of James Wilkinson also known as "Daft Jamie." Wilkinson was a victim of Burke and Hare. He was "burked" in Hare's boarding house, and then Burke and Hare sold Wilkinson's body to Dr. Knox for his dissections.

From National Galleries Scotland, About this artwork
The leading teacher of anatomy in the 1820s, Dr Knox is best known today for his implication in the murders carried out by Burke and Hare, the most notorious in Scottish history. They had sold theā€¦

This is an image of multiple heads drawn in different styles. These drawings were used for studies and references for future pieces

A model of the anatomy of human embryos.

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A depiction of an anatomical study of a human ear.

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An anatomical image using some watercolor depicting the interior of the groin, mainly of the muscles.
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