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This shows an 18th-century engraving of the head and brain, created by Jan Wandelaar, who was famous at the time period for creating engravings of human anatomy as well as nature. This image gives an understanding for us today of the depth of…

This life-like head of a woman was cut to show the great detail of the face under the skin and eyes. Wax models were used long times ago to study the human bodies.

"Painted plaster model of the head of an adult male, brain exposed on the right side. Possibly based on a plaster cast of the head and neck of a deceased person."-Harvard University

Part 2 Cushing.jpg
From the Yale Library of Medicine, this drawing depicts a traumatic brain injury operation on cerebral cortex

Part 1 Cushing.jpg
From Yale library of medicine, this drawing depicts the approach to the trigeminal ganglion for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia – bony removal

A detailed diagram of the complete anatomy of the upper portion of the human body, from about chest level to the middle of the head.

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An anatomical drawing of the bones, muscles and tendons of the hand and wrist made using a studied cadaver.

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A set of drawings of the internal anatomy of a human leg.

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full skeleton .png
This is a skech of a full body skeleton that is labeled in order to distinguish different areas of the body. This diagram would have been used to educate future anatomists.
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