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This object is a modern facial goniometer that measures the skull. Skull mesuresments were used to assume certain chacteristics based on the principles of phrenology. This object is accompied by a worksheet intended for 8th or 9th grade students to…

A rendition of the bone and muscle groups of the forearm and hand of a human.

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Brain and viscera: two figures showing a dissected torso, with brain and internal organs


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Engravings showing the anatomy of parts of the jaw, tongue and larynx: five figures


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Detailed engraving showing the anatomy of the abdomen, showing the kidneys, the intestines


Anatomical study of a man standing with Nepalese and Sanskrit texts showing the Ayurvedic understanding of the human anatomy.


Advertisement for 'Anatomical and physiological description of the Florentine Venus', 2nd ed. Various editions of this work were published between 1847 and 1854.Printed on title-page: catalogues, sixpence. First page of final leaf lists 12 'Means of…

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Illustration of the muscles of the head that allows for facial expressions and movement of the face. An early depiction of this is beneficial for researchers in the future and helps us see the depth of knowledge they had of head anatomy.
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