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Yorick flirts with the shopkeeper despite her being married.

Yorick walks with Maria toward the town of Moulines.

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Image of the Heart Weighing scene from "Book of the Dead"

Jesus Christ rides into Jerusalem the Sunday before his death on the back of a donkey, an uncharacteristic and unceremonious means of transportation for the son of God.

Definition of "grand tour" in Oxford English Dictionary

An excerpt from a journal article about the rise of foreign travel in eighteenth century Europe, and how it influenced travel writing such as Lawrence Sterne's "A Sentimental Journey".

In this excerpt, Lawrence Sterne makes the assumption that the French are the supreme people and are capable at succeeding at anything. Sterne makes many assumptions about the French in comparison to the English, where he himself is from. This…

A metaphor of what love is versus what lust is so that the reader might be able to better distinguish these two deceptively similar emotions.

A painting of a scene from Sterne's A Sentimental Journeydepicting a downcast Maria and a dog, taking the place of her lost lover.
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