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This is a scene depicting Yorick and Maria near the end of A Sentimental Journey. This image shows all the emotions and feelings being expressed which was the epitome of the Age of Sentimentalism

Maria, from A Sentimental Journey, puts her face in her hands in sorrow as she contemplates her husband and father

This quote shows the correlation between the acquisition of goods and knowledge. Sterne concludes that the satisfaction of new acquisition fuels the desire for more.

Powell Painting.jpg
Yorick asks a young woman in Paris for direction but must return and ask again after forgetting.

A colored, engraved plate depicting LaFleur playing his fife and servants dancing in the kitchen. This illustration comes from the first edition of "A Sentimental Journey".

dead ass.jfif
A depiction of the scene in Laurence Sterne'sA Sentinmental Journey in which a man is mourning his dead ass (not pictured).

death of ass.jpg
A scene from Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journeythat depicts people onlooking as a man greives the death of his ass.

Fan Mount.jpg
Scenes fromA Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy engraved on a fan mount


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