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An instrument used during the Romanticism period to allow creative melodies to be created and different from the past Baroque period.

Woman Seated.jpg
Another painting created during the Romanticism period that illustrates man's connection with nature.

The Ferryman.jpg
The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes this as a painting that "exemplifies the timeless, idyllic quality that contemporary critics appreciated in his[Camille Corot] work."

On October 18, 1834, the old Palace of Westminister was accidentally set ablaze by the burning of a stockpile of tally sticks (wood) in a stove designed for coal. The fire happened to be rather fortuitous as the palace had been in dire need of…

The Shipwreck.jpg
The Shipwreck, by Joseph Vernet who was one of the most famous Romantic and landscape painters of his day, contrasts a moonlit backdrop to the crazed struggle for survival as sailors single-handedly attempt to ride the stormy seas to safety.

Calm in the Meditereanean.jpg
A companion piece to A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast, this painting depicts the literal calm after the storm. In the distance, a large cumulus cloud, a possible stormy reminder of what has passed, loafs blissfully in the warm reds and yellows of the…

A Storm on the Mediterranean.png
A companion piece to A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast shows a dark storm that has just ravaged a large ship drifting further inland as anxious survivors begin to reach the shore.Those familiar with Joseph Vernet will…

fredrick chopin.jpg
A portrait of Frederic Chopin

Libery Leading the People.jpg
Lady Liberty is depicted holding the French Flag on piles of bodies. She is leading men to revolution.
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