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The painting depicts Satan torturing Job in an effort to break his spirit. Derived from a tale from the Old Testament.

nocturne in c sharp minor.jpg
Original sheet music by Fredrick Chopin

One of Chopin's more popular pieces that was given the name, "The Heroic Polonaise"

oil on canvas of woman with gambling addiction

A portrait of the Duke of Osuna, his wife, and their four children. The Duke and Duchess of Osuna were some of Goya's first protectors. Each person is portrayed very intimately and it shows the personality within the family. Family portraits were…

An instrument used during the Romanticism period to allow creative melodies to be created and different from the past Baroque period.

Woman Seated.jpg
Another painting created during the Romanticism period that illustrates man's connection with nature.

The Ferryman.jpg
The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes this as a painting that "exemplifies the timeless, idyllic quality that contemporary critics appreciated in his[Camille Corot] work."

Libery Leading the People.jpg
Lady Liberty is depicted holding the French Flag on piles of bodies. She is leading men to revolution.
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