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A wood engraving depicting Yorick's interaction with the monk from A Sentimental Journey. Yorick's face of disgust can be seen here

An illustration describing Laurence Sterne's views on prominent writers such as Tobias Smollett and Samuel Sharp. He refers to them as Smelfungus and Mundungus.

Yorick's journey continued.pdf
In the preface of this book, John Hall-Stevenson expressed his appreciation for Tristram Shandy and praised Laurence Sterne himself for his wit. He made a summary of the impact of Tristram Shandy and proceeded to write about his view later in this…

Tristiam Shandy.jpeg
This image shows Walter and Uncle Toby are sitting in the parlor when Mrs. Shandy begins to go into labor. This image depicts a scene from Tristram Shandy Book 1 which was one of the most popular book by Laurence Sterne.
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