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This passage fromThe Mysteries of Udolphodescribes a Gothic castle in which the story takes place. Radcliffe's description of Castle Udolpho highlights one of the defining features of Gothic novels: tall, ominous buildings and dark passageways are…

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This excerpt from Anti-Gothic is formatted as a letter in "Spirit of the Public Journals for 1797" that is ostensibly written to the editor of a journal. This editor is charged with the excessive dissemination of the "fashionable" form of "terror"…

In this excerpt from "Anti-Gothic," the author makes a seemingly contradictory assertion that the novel is intended to influence life and culture, that the novel's didacticism is a fundamental aspect of its existence. The novel is, according to the…

Fonthill Abbey.jpg
This is an image from Graphical and literary illustrations of Fonthill abbey, Wiltshire : with heraldical and genealogical notices of the Beckford family. It is of the house built in the Gothic style by the English Gothic writter William Beckford.

According to the traditional interpretation, it depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus, who, fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children, ate each one upon their birth. It depicts the terrifying truth of the gothic period where…

Scene from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". The supernatural influence and the horror of the scene shows the Gothic influence on Coleridge's work.

A man in a vault has removed the slab covering an embalmed body and reads into a large book with a triumphant look on his face. The drawing is very dark and eerie.

A terrifying image of the approaching nightmare that often filled the characters and those reading about them in the gothic period.
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