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This is a photo of Mary Reynolds who is one of the first cases documents of multiple personality disorder. It is said that she experienced trauma as a child when she suffered religious persecution.

Based on the writings of Revelations Blake creates a horned demon who is shown here being drawn up to earth.

This paper examines beliefs about ghosts from 1650 to 1700 as an area in its own right, as distinct from, albeit related to, earlier post-reformation beliefs. It particularly considers the approach of anti-sadducean writers to ghosts and spirits, and…


Mary Beale, one of the most successful female painters of the 17th century, painted the portrait of Thomas Sydenham who is known as the "English Hippocrates." He is considered as the father of English medicine. He graduated from Oxford.

In the Bible, God reprimands Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. In the etching, Adam strikes and ambiguous pose which suggests either that is he who is speaking or he is helpless and shocked. Under the etching reads Latin lettering: "Deus omnium…
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