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An exhibit at the Met of a recovered 18th century wig of the likes characters Yorick would have worn.

A painting from the 1789 storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution, after which the Bastille was destroyed.

In his book Emile or On Education, Jean-Jacques Rousseau points out the contemporary belief on "quantity over quality:" he emphasizes the importance of experiences and the feeling of existence.

france v England.jpeg
This is a sketch contrasting England and France in the eighteenth century. Specifically it shows the hierarchys at the time anf typically clothing of the people.

In this excerpt, Lawrence Sterne makes the assumption that the French are the supreme people and are capable at succeeding at anything. Sterne makes many assumptions about the French in comparison to the English, where he himself is from. This…

18th century black and white 'sketch' of a murderer in their prison clothing.

She is well known for her attempted poisoning of King Louis XIV as well as selling poison, aphrodisiacs, and abortions. She is said to have killed around 2500 people

French Actors.jpg
From Art UK:"The figures are dressed as Columbine and Crispin from the Commedia dell'Arte and from French popular drama respectively; they may be actors, off-stage, or lovers in fancy dress. This painting is typical of Watteau's enigmatic paintings,…

This is another portrait of Madame de Pompadour, a chief mistress of Louis XV. She used her position to gain power and control a lot of Louis XV’s rulings of the time.
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