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In this excerpt, Lawrence Sterne makes the assumption that the French are the supreme people and are capable at succeeding at anything. Sterne makes many assumptions about the French in comparison to the English, where he himself is from. This…

Sapho poster.jpg
This poster is an advertisement for the opera Sapho that premiered in 1897. This French opera premiered at the same theater that Yorick saw his opera in, the Theatre de l'Opera-Comique.

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An exhibit at the Met of a recovered 18th century wig of the likes characters Yorick would have worn.

Louis XV.jpg
A portrait of King Louis XV, the King at the time of publication of A Sentimental Journey by Sterne, done by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.

This is a graphic cartoon displaying a man beheaded at the guillotine in which the french use to "refine" their people. The cartoon also has text in which the British hierarchy gave their support for this method of murder.

A colored, engraved plate depicting LaFleur playing his fife and servants dancing in the kitchen. This illustration comes from the first edition of "A Sentimental Journey".

A painting from the 1789 storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution, after which the Bastille was destroyed.

18th century black and white 'sketch' of a murderer in their prison clothing.

Plaster mold (phrenology).jpg
According to the London Science Museum, "Pierre Francois Lacenaire (1800-36) was a notorious French killer. He was executed by guillotine in March 1836. A plaster copy was made of his head after his death. This was collected by Dr Gachet (1828-1909),…

A painting of a group of people enjoying a day out in the sun. They look from a higher social class and are in Paris.
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