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In this image, it appears Fantomina is struggling against Beauplaisir. In the corresponding passage, Fantomina suddenly decides against what she promised to Beauplaisir and the reader witnesses the internal whirlwand of emotions she feels as she is…

point de convention.jpg
This painting depicts a man mistaking a woman for a prostitute. Fantomina was intrigued by the prostitutes in the theater and chooses to explore that curiosity by pretending to be one when she returns the following day. This brings up the idea of…

Fantomina 4 Committing Not Alive.jpg
"The witch of Endor conjures up the ghost of Samuel at the request of Saul, who lies petrified on the ground"

Fantomina 2 Electric Boogaloo.jpg
A maidservant assists her mistress in lacing her stays.

Fantomina lol.jpg
Two prostitutes exchanging their services with two eager men

Fantomina writes letters to Beauplaisir as multiple characters, and receives responses from each of them. The annotations explore the complexity of their relationship and what her initial response means.
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