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An analysis of the 18th century class system and how Fantomina steps outside the boundaries to fulfill her desire to entertain herself with prostitution.

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This is an etching of a rustic cottage in the 1600s. The artist was known for sketching cottages and farmhouses

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These are dressing gowns produced by Japan for their western (European and American) consumers.

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This is an image of Mephistopheles from Goethe's Faust during the prologue scene when he was talking to God.

This is a painting of Pepito, a little Spanish boy who was the son of Rafael Costa de Quintana, the doctor to King Ferdinand VII.

This is a painting of a human head highlighting areas where the facial and neck muscles are located. The creator founded a scientific journal on the anatomy of muscles.

This is a painting of 6 views of the Parc Monceau in Paris

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This is an oil painting of a skull, oil lamp, and writing quill. The source states that the objects in the painting give visual symbols rather than verbal symbols.

The map color-codes the Ottoman Empire's changing boundaries from 1807 to 1924 as the monarchies begin falling

A wealthy woman sits in a room with her husband, an escort, and two others.
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