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The second best selling book in history, John Bunyan gives an account of Christian, a sinner that has recently decided to leave the town of destruction and journey towards Heaven.

Wildly popular since its release, The Pilgrim's Progress set out…

The hardships of the English laws in relation to wives..pdf
The author compares English law to Civil law in instances of a women's abilities in different circumstances. It also includes the author's objections to different laws.

This is a sketch from the late 1700s illustarating a soilder with prostitutes. This image depicts what people thought of prostitues/sex workers at the time.

These new immigrants was washed onto British shores in the 1680s that a new word came into the English language at the time to describe them: 'rés ' or refugees. Forty or fifty thousand crossed the Channel while Louis XIV sat on the French throne…

merchant picture .jpeg
This is a sketch depicting a rich merchant in an art gallery in the eighteenth centry. The sketch also has a caption attached with a Shakespeare quote.

A portrait of Catherine Hyde being her eccentric self and wearing her favorite apron

A portrait of Barbara Palmer, the most well known mistress of King Charles II. Ancestor of the late Princess Diana.

English culture began to recognize individual human experience in the mid-seventeenth century. While this recognition helped shape the novel, it also it also influenced many other facets of seventeenth-century England, including the legal system. The…

The very personal and detailed diary of Samuel Pepys has been pasted down as one of, if not the finest historical source of the minutiae the 18th-century man. For the near-decade he keep his diary, Samuel Pepys collected his daily accounting of…

A painting of Dorothy Townshend (nee Walpole) sister of England first de facto prime minister Robert Walpole and step-grandmother to Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who degreed the infamous Townshend Acts on the American Colonies.
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