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Includes the trial, an illustrative preface, portraits of Burke and the interior of his house.

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William Burke was hanged at Edinburgh on Wednesday the 28th of January, 1829. He was charged for murdering Margery M'Conegal and afterwards selling her body to the Doctors. Burke made the following confession displayed on the execution notice.

Text reading: LlFfi OF WILLIAM BURKE. Burke wm born in the parish of Orrey, county Tyrone, in Ireland, in the spring of 1792. His parents wete poor, but respectable, anil in the fond hope that their sons might one day rise above the toil, poverty,…

From the National Maritime Museum - Naval rifle. Brass butt plate with tongue on top, fitted with a brass covered butt box with a semi-circular end (hinged) secured at the back by a steel spring. Plain brass trigger guard with brass spur behind. Two…

This article is about the "murder" dolls that were discovered ten years after Burke and Hare's murders happened. Given that there are 17 of them, it is believed that the dolls might represent the 17 bodies.

Act 1 scene 4 king Richard III, Burke and Hare debating murder, No 5 of second series, Noxiana series of satires
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