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A portrait of Catherine Hyde being her eccentric self and wearing her favorite apron

The painting depicts the British ship Nemesis destroying Chinese war junks during the First Opium war, where East India Company established a monopoly on the opium trade and the Chinese government fought against illegal opium imports.

The lifelike mystical landscape has dark undertones that relates to the literal and figurative sense of the painting. It depicts a rural setting of the River Stour in Suffolk and Essex.

This clock was created by Daniel Delander around 1720 in London. He came from a family of clockmakers and was distinguished for the fact that the clocks and watches that he created were both inventive and had fine craftsmanship. This clock is elegant…

Painted in 1770, Johann Zoffany created this painting for the Lavie family. It represents the seven siblings. It also has details in it like a seesaw and a dog, which give life to the painting.

This excerpt from a journal article introduces the idea of politeness in the eighteenth-century. This excerpt talks about trends between politeness and its relation to behavior. This is similar to discussions of sentimentalism, passions, and…

The very personal and detailed diary of Samuel Pepys has been pasted down as one of, if not the finest historical source of the minutiae the 18th-century man. For the near-decade he keep his diary, Samuel Pepys collected his daily accounting of…

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, divorce was very expensive and many commoners could not afford to divorce their husbands or wives. Instead, many british husbands would sell their wives in public places, such as markets, taverns, and fairs. This…


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