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The painting depicts Satan torturing Job in an effort to break his spirit. Derived from a tale from the Old Testament.

Jesus Christ rides into Jerusalem the Sunday before his death on the back of a donkey, an uncharacteristic and unceremonious means of transportation for the son of God.

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Definition of soteriology
: theology dealing with salvation especially as effected by Jesus Christ

Based on the writings of Revelations Blake creates a horned demon who is shown here being drawn up to earth.

The narrator gives her account of the physical and psychological profile of the Surinamese natives in Oroonoko. She draws comparisons to the Garden of Eden before the Original Sin.

Some of the themes of Paradise are intertwined with Oroonoko; in particular, those of morality and heroicism. While Oroonoko takes on the restoration era trope of an idealized character, Paradise Lost offers a different take by delving into the…

In the Bible, God reprimands Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. In the etching, Adam strikes and ambiguous pose which suggests either that is he who is speaking or he is helpless and shocked. Under the etching reads Latin lettering: "Deus omnium…

The title page of a manuscript detailing how to repent in compliance with god. Written for those suffering from a heavy heart

Painting of a confessional in a catholic church. Main subject however is a wealth woman waiting to take confessional, the woman is dressed in bright pink while the other people in the painting are dressed more drably, drawing the viewers eyes to the…
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