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Death Mask of William Burke.jpg
A plaster mold of the head of William Burke after his public execution in 1829 for the "anatomy murders." Burke was named by his accomplices as the head of the body-snatching, black-market trade that supplied the Edinburgh's medical school with…

An artistic rendition of the lifestyle of a 'leisurely man' that would spend his money on the pleasures of life.

The driving force for the rise in prositution in the late 17th and early 18th century was poverty. Most of the prostitutes in the early 18th century England were second generation irish immigrants, whose families had not been successful in finding a…

Pontius Pilate holds a dagger to himself as he prepares to kill himself. According to Eusebius in his "Ecclesiastical History", he kills himself in A.D. 39. Underneath the image is lettering in Italian which reads "Pilato oppresso dai rimorsi, si…

Depicts how the British Police were strongly mistrusted in the late 19th Century

Another image depicting the cruel conditions of British Criminals during the 19th Century

The letters were written by Charles Dickens, in which he argued about the inhumanness of public hangings. Sent to the Times newspaper

A stranded vessel being saved by lifeboats on a half very stormy and a half very nice day.

This painting is of the aftermath of a duel
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