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A painting of a scene from A Sentimental Journey with Yorick and the grisset

Description from the website: " This was their only means of income and survival. With the little money they earned, most would seek comfort in alcohol as the only refuge from reality. Drink was cheap and drunkenness rife, at any time of day or…

english week 6.jpg
A women is sitting down peeling turnips in traditional wear for the time. The setting is somewhat dreary and she is looking off into the distance.

Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator.gif
Depicts two images, the first in which a man has numerous demons causing him pain, such as the Demon of Headache and Demons of Toothache. The second shows the same man smiling and holding the medicine and the demons are hurt in a cloud on the side.…

In this handwritten note, William Burke confesses to his murders.

Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!.jpg
This painting is also known as "Burkeing the constitution of England!!!!!". According to the Wellcome Collection, "John Bull lies on a bed, resting his head on a tick-covered bolster. The Duke of Wellington tries with his left hand to asphyxiate him…

English artist Henry Warren's painting of Pittsburgh in the early 1800s. Shows the early beginnings of industry in the smokestacks in the background.

This is the description from The MET: The subject of this intensely Romantic work is derived from canto XXXIII of Dante's Inferno, which describes how the Pisan traitor Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, his sons, and his grandsons were imprisoned in…

The letters were written by Charles Dickens, in which he argued about the inhumanness of public hangings. Sent to the Times newspaper
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