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A woman sits at a piano in an elegant pink dress.

In the 19th century, students at American medical schools stole the corpses of recently-buried African Americans to be used for dissection.

This painting is of the aftermath of a duel

Franz Joseph Gall examining the head of a pretty young girl, while three gentlemen wait inline. Depicts the idea of different minds and how the mind has different parts to it that make each individual unique.

This depicts a man being excited via lynching in the American West

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Amputation kit in oak case; includes packet of surgical silk cord from Archibald Turner & Co. Case

Pontius Pilate holds a dagger to himself as he prepares to kill himself. According to Eusebius in his "Ecclesiastical History", he kills himself in A.D. 39. Underneath the image is lettering in Italian which reads "Pilato oppresso dai rimorsi, si…

From UCSF Library, According to Baunscheidt, the Lebenswecker was designed to quickly puncture the skin, creating “artificial pores.” The “pores,” i.e. puncture wounds, were then covered with a proprietary irritating oil called “Oleum Baunscheidtii”…

Burke the Murderer!! Drawn from life in the Lock-up-House on the day before his execution by his own consent.png
William Burke is depicted in his prison cell shacked to the floor by heavy iron chains . He is wearing a frock coat, cravat and trousers. He is standing with his hands clasped. The printed title is Burke, the Murderer!!, below this in italics 'Drawn…
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