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Description from the website: " This was their only means of income and survival. With the little money they earned, most would seek comfort in alcohol as the only refuge from reality. Drink was cheap and drunkenness rife, at any time of day or…

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An atlas map published in 1880 depicts the borders of the Indian Empire, British Raj, that lasted from 1858 to 1947.

The painting depicts the British ship Nemesis destroying Chinese war junks during the First Opium war, where East India Company established a monopoly on the opium trade and the Chinese government fought against illegal opium imports.

From National Galleries Scotland, About this artwork
The leading teacher of anatomy in the 1820s, Dr Knox is best known today for his implication in the murders carried out by Burke and Hare, the most notorious in Scottish history. They had sold the…

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This is the title page of the bookWest Port Murderswhich is said to be an true account of the Burke and Hare Murders, spefcifically the trial and execution of Burke. The site also has the remainer of the book for public view.

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This painting was made to serve as a basis for an engraving. Relying to some extent on romanticized French images of peasants, Inman focuses on the innocence of childhood as the healthy boy plucks an insect for bait. The youth and promise of the boy…

The Death of Phocio
This 1804 painting by Joseph Denis Odevaere depicts the Athenian statesman Phocion watching stoically as his friends die by drinking poison. The condemned Phocion and his friends were sentenced to death and ordered to consume poison, but the poison…

According to the Wellcome Collection, "The Oxford English dictionary defines 'pitch-plaster' as 'A dressing containing pitch, used as a depilatory. Also: a dressing containing Burgundy pitch, used in the treatment of chest and rheumatic disorders'…
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