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Phrenology image 1.jpg
This object is a modern facial goniometer that measures the skull. Skull mesuresments were used to assume certain chacteristics based on the principles of phrenology. This object is accompied by a worksheet intended for 8th or 9th grade students to…

Portrait of a Boy.jpg
Forgotten portrait sketch of a well-to-do England boy by William Westall, showing the boy's unusually long hair

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On October 18, 1834, the old Palace of Westminister was accidentally set ablaze by the burning of a stockpile of tally sticks (wood) in a stove designed for coal. The fire happened to be rather fortuitous as the palace had been in dire need of…

Fire in England (Phily).jpg
Joseph M.W. Turner was present in London for the burning of Parliament and certainly sought to make use of it. As the fire raged, Turner studied the blaze from two different vantage points (including from a boat) sketches the scene from multiple…

Terrific description from The Cleveland Museum of Art (seriously amazing website; see source):"Fire consumed London’s famous Houses of Parliament on the night of October 16, 1834, and people gathered along the banks of the river Thames to gaze in awe…

It gives a visual depiction of the different aspects of the mind, something that was still being understood during this time period. The theory was founded in late 18th century Germany by the physiologist Franz Joseph Gall and the physician Johann…

Advertisement for 'Anatomical and physiological description of the Florentine Venus', 2nd ed. Various editions of this work were published between 1847 and 1854.Printed on title-page: catalogues, sixpence. First page of final leaf lists 12 'Means of…

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a woman prisoner in solitary confinement.jpg
According to Wellcome Collection, this painting depicts "The punishment room at Woking Convict Invalid Prison. The woman stands alone in a padded cell with her arms outstretched and her fists clenched."

Female convicts working fire pumps.jpg
Convicted women are working the fire pumps. The lettering suggests the women pumping the fire pumps are some of the strongest inmates. There is some speculation that these women are in prison for infanticide.
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