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In this quote, Aphra Behn extolls the innate ability and cognition of the native population of Suriname.

Mary Beale, one of the most successful female painters of the 17th century, painted the portrait of Thomas Sydenham who is known as the "English Hippocrates." He is considered as the father of English medicine. He graduated from Oxford.

Locke describes how all ideas and rational thinking stem from two functions of the brain, those being, sensation and reflection.

Absalom and Achitophel is an allegorical satire about the rebellion of Absalom against King David. In many instances throughout the poem, nature and law are mentioned hand in hand as being counters of one another with an implicit suggestion that…

Some of the themes of Paradise are intertwined with Oroonoko; in particular, those of morality and heroicism. While Oroonoko takes on the restoration era trope of an idealized character, Paradise Lost offers a different take by delving into the…

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René Descartes's "Discourse on the Method" is best known for featuring the phrase now synonymous with the name Descartes: "Cogito, ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am"). In this excerpt, Descartes argues that the soul, the "being" of the human, is…

This is a line engraving of novelist Henry Fielding author of Pamela and Clarissa.

A painting of famous highwayman Claude Duval, known for good manners with women he encountered while robbing his victims. Painted by William Powell Frith in 1860

This is an early 17th century painting symbolizing life and death, also known as vanitas. The painting contains Spanish coins, a skull, flowers, and a Dutch medal.

The very personal and detailed diary of Samuel Pepys has been pasted down as one of, if not the finest historical source of the minutiae the 18th-century man. For the near-decade he keep his diary, Samuel Pepys collected his daily accounting of…
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