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A collection of annotated passages from GA Tech students in ENGL 1102, "Novel Minds," spring 2020.


Corey Goergen

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A detailed annotation of a quote from "Oroonoko" by Aphra Behn that gives insight into the inner workings of his mind, including his views of revenge, suicide, and his own identity.

With the aim of annotations, the inequality in men and women during the 17th and 18th century was explained with reference to characters in Oroonoko, Pamela and Shemla. Slavery in that era was also touched upon, with some of it serving the purpose…

This is an in depth analysis of the introduction to Fantomina. My annotations highlight the social structure of the 18th century as described by the author of Fantomina. Location, appearance, and attitude are examples of highlights of social class…

Oroonoko is forced to change names, and reclaims his own in the events leading up to his death

The excerpt taken from Fantomina shows the initial reaction of Fantomina when she first saw the men getting engaged in the gallery box. This excerpt also explores the initial moments which led Fantomina to enter the gallery box.

“I observed in this last Part of his Discourse, which was truly Prophetick, tho' I suppose my Father did not know it to be so him-self; I say, I observed the Tears run down his Face very plentifully… I was sincerely affected with this Discourse, as…

An excerpt of the Book, Robinson Crusoe, where he ponders his decision of leaving his family and duties behind.

Fantomina writes letters to Beauplaisir as multiple characters, and receives responses from each of them. The annotations explore the complexity of their relationship and what her initial response means.
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